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A Spontaneous Decision...

I've been contemplating this for a while as I've mentioned before. Now, as a spontaneous decision, I've decided to make my LJ 'friends only'.
::Dramatic Pause::

There's a lot of shit I write about, and to be perfectly honest, the thought of not knowing who reads this is kinda unnerving. I get pretty personal, even when I'm writing public entries--which is most of the time. I guess I'll just feel more comfortable knowing who's reading this and who isn't.

Writing that was really amusing. If you wanna read about my messed up views on life, add me I guess. No, that wasn't a plug. Honest! XD

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Thats why I locked mine up hun.
But its your decision with what you wanna do.
I'm lazy though so I probably won't make all of the other entries 'friends-only'. After all, there are almost 600 of them. O_O

I wish they had an option to just 'friends-only' the whole thing, including the previous entries.
Yeah I know,they should.
I have been thinking of doing the same thing, locking my journal, sometimes it can get pretty anal, espicially when i am depressed or calling the cnib a pack of mo fo's , I have had you on my list for quite a while Ellectra, I also have found some really great people through you.

'shrugs and punches her computer, because ZOOMTEXT is driving her nuts!'

i saw you on addmeback. i added you! =)
I think we talked a few times on freedom chat and you're on my msn I didn't kno you had a journal. you seemed like a really cool persont we like alot of the same music which is really cool
but if you wanna add me you can I'm allways looking for new journals to read
hope to talk to you soon


August 22 2004, 02:35:01 UTC 13 years ago

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