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I really don't know which one is better;
from the Globe and Mail, or
from the National Post.

However, I do know that both articles showcase the reasons why I really think he's incredible. Not just from a B-Ball standpoint, but as a person as well. <3

::Huggles Chris::

The doctor's appointment was predictable as they always are. Yes, my throat is red. Yes, I still have shit in my lungs. No, I *shouldn't* be running outside when it's cold...

Didn't I know all of this before?

I got yet more medicine though. I get to kill my already weak immune system for the 5000000th time in my life. Oh, the joy.

On a wrestling note, Raw didn't impress me at all last night. Sometimes I wonder why I even watch wrestling, but eh--it's the same reason I watch Passions. I'm hooked. ::Roles eyes::

The highlights for me were seeing MJ, Randy's commentary, the segments with Coach, and Kane coming out and giving Goldberg the Chokeslam. God, that was awesome. *Hates Goldberg*

Bleh...I think I'm going to go back to sleep or something.

Don't mind my Chris ramblings; I'm just a little too obsessed for my own good. :-)
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