Ellectra (ellectra) wrote,

I really don't have anything of substance to say...

-There's someone I know who actually worships her spell checker more than I do.

And the award goes to...

We were doing shit in Career Studies and got split up into groups, and she was telling me that she had a 'mini spell checker' thingy once (I don't remember if it was in middle school or early HS), but she ended up typing actual phrases into it and after giving her tuns of 'fatal errors', the battery died and it ceased operation.

Haha, it was amusing. Maybe it's because I'm sleep deprived...I dunno.

Anyway, she's spunky and funny, and well...there's no point to that so whatever.

Mr. Kalin's evil. He's just so...creepy. :-I It's quite scary...*Shivers*

Cory gives good hugs. Steph obviously lied. But you're just...so much taller than I am so it's depressing. Wait...everyone's taller than I am. even Lina's taller than I am! >.< What am I--destined to remain short for the rest of my existance!? Oh, what a tragity...*Snifs*

Niners are annoying. Before you kill me for saying that, I don't mean *all* niners--mainly the ones in my band class, and the ones that rome the halls of Rosedale. Arg...just another thing that pisses me off tremendously. Talk about a lack of respect...
Looks like Manny's decided to ignore me while I'm on the subject of niners. I guess Sheldonya and her little group convinced him that his cousin's a loser that shouldn't be approached. *Roles eyes*..not that I care. It's not as if we were close anyway, but still...Jesus.

History's becoming extremely depressing. All the World War II stuff is just a little too graphic for my liking. *Shudders*

I know something that'll make the people who know AJ personally crack up and never look at him the same way ever again. Not as if the majority of people like him anyway.

AJ decided that Joal's graphic description of what Hitler and the natsies did to their victems was too much for his sensative psychy to handle, so he just...left. He covered his mouth with his hand, said something about 'I think I'm going to be sick...I can't take this anymore', then left the room. Joal lets us leave if we feel the need, so he did. Heh...it was funny. Like I've said before, even I was disturbed by the thoughts, but eh...it's just funny thinking of AJ doing such a thing. After all, he's the untouchable, arragant asshole, isn't he? Heh...stupid dumbass.

If you're actually reading this, then you can obviously tell that I'm in one of my 'hater' moods at the moment. If you'd guessed that before I said so, then ding ging...

You were right. Hah.

Now, since that's been said...

that be all.
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