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My eyes are hurting like you wouldn't believe. Damn schools and their fluorescent lights anyway. Even with the sunglasses on, my eyes still seem to constantly throb. I've made an appointment for next week with an eye doctor though, so eh...maybe they'll figure out what's wrong. I've seen the same doctor already though, and all he did was give me drops and send me home. A hell of a lot that did...
I think the problem may be my eye pressure, but I obviously can't be sure.

I came home at lunch, took something for the pain, and went to sleep. >< I've been having major throat problems too. I seem to be getting a sore throat every couple of weeks. Is that supposed to be a sign of things to come or something?

I really, really don't want to go to school tomorrow--technically today I guess. Blah...I'm just in one of those moods. *Shrugs*

My family doctor confirmed the hospital doctor's diagnosis of my mother having a 'virus'. *Shrugs*
If both of them are saying the same thing, I'm hoping there's some truth to it. I suppose all we can really do is wait and see though.

The Raptors are losing at usual. They're playing LA, after all. We're no match for them...it's just so damn obviouss. *Sigh*
Oh well, I can dream...

*Yawns*..I think I'm gonna end this and go lay down again. My poor eyes...>.
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