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audio post

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haha, thats awsome *-*

duuude, ok i have a question. I know how to change the "comments" into something else.. like you have (set me free, # released me) welp erm.. its not workin for me... help!?!?! lol

muchly apprecated ^-^
tell me what you want them to say, and I'll e-mail you the code that you're going to have to put in the 'overrides' section located in the 'modify journal' thingy...mmmhmmm. LoL, I didn't need to explain all that, cause you knew it already. :)
Wasn't sure if u got this post already or not.. so i'll do it again! lol
If its possible could i get it so it says:
am i a loser? says yes!
^hehe funnyness^ it would be muchly appreciated and thank u tons! ^-^
Hey, that was cool. How did you do that??

Just click on the 'powered by audblog' link, and it'll take you to their site where you can sign up. :-) It's done through the phone.
Hey, sis,
I tried signing up or whatever, but at the URL spot, it doesn't like me, what did you type in? I tried typing in the URL..
Love ya,
That's the link to the sign-up page.
Hi, Ell. Its me again. Lol. I know, i'm a pain, aren't I? Hahahaha. Anyway, How do I post the audio message once I've signed up? do I call and they'll post, or what happens? Lol. well, I'm outie. byes.

Musical Baby.
Yeah. All you do is call the number, enter your 'primary' number and your pin thingy, then follow the instructions. :-) It's really easy.
Me again. Haha. I've done that, but what's a pound key?

Musical Baby.
Aww, you're so cute. XD The 'pound' key is the key to the right of the zero.